Duane Sullivan gives a thumbs up during the SGI Staff Recognition Ceremony

With summer vacation looming, the Springville-Griffith Institute Central School District Board of Education celebrated district staff members on Friday, hosting its annual Staff Recognition in the high school cafeteria with a breakfast provided by SGI Culinary.

During the ceremony, board president Allison Duwe was recognized by superintendent James Bialasik. Duwe, who has served on the board for the last eight years, will complete her tenure on the board at the end of the month after choosing not to run for another term. 

Dennis Kenney was also recognized for his service as SGI High School’s interim principal. Mr. Kenney began his work in the district in January following the appointment of James Bialasik as the district’s superintendent. Meghan Janora will take over as the building’s principal starting July 1. 

Jacob Riter, a member of the district’s custodial staff, was honored as the Employee of the Year. 

Carla Roetzer, a sixth grade teacher at Springville Middle School, was honored as Teacher of the Year.

During the ceremony, administrators honored district retirees Sherry Bligh, Judy Bohrer, Ed Golabek, Tina Kwiatkowski, Diane McWhirter, Kathy Piatko, Bob Thurber, Kathy Townsend, and Tim Ulinger. 

Service awards were also presented to the following employees by Duwe and board vice president Jennifer Sullivan:

10 Years of Service: Christine Beckett, Jill Emerling, Marlene Golabek, Jared Hauri, Kim Jasinski, Deb Little, Bruce McWhirter, Suzanne Mercurio, Greg Miller, Johna Miller, Deb Owen, Randy Roth, Julie Shelley, Mark Stoddard, Meghan Trala, Mark Vogel

15 Years of Service: Chandra Anderson, Nicole Baran, Shawn Bullard, Polly Hamister, Eric Holler, Sara Kemmerer, Maryann Landsman, Jill MacSwan, Toni Orsini, Karen Reynolds, Jill Russell, Stephanie Sullivan, Katherine Townsend, Kristie Ziegler

20 Years of Service: Katie Braun, Karen Broeneman, Lisa Hogenmiller, Chris Ignatius, Diane McWhirter, John Mrozik, Eileen Pfeil, Mary Stinson, 

25 Years of Service: Donna Benstead, Barb Martin, Sharon Russell, Kathy Unger, 

30 Years of Service: Duane Sullivan

35 Years of Service: JoAnn DePue, Deb Pritchard, Rebecca Szpaicher