Dear 2023 Senior and Parent,

The Herrmann Studio will be taking Springville Griffith High 2023 Senior portraits August 16 & 17 in the high school auditorium.

To have your photo taken, you need to sign up for a photo appointment.

To sign up go to:  (The 0’s in the in link are the Number not the Letter)

Find a time slot that you prefer and book your appointment. Times are from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. Book early to get the slot you want or need.

Guidelines for your portrait session:

Clothing attire requirements: Tuxedo Jacket, white button down shirt, and bow tie. (Herrmann Studio will provide this or you can wear your own white shirt. Because other people may be using the same shirt, you need to wear a white T-shirt under the shirt you borrow from the studio). The Black Drape is provided by the studio. You need to have a strapless top on to wear under the drape, top of shoulders are shown in the photograph. Pearls will be available if you need them

Tux/drape requirement will be met and supplied by photographer

1.     Please bring something to wipe the perspiration glare off your face. We will have a mirror available.

2.     Instructions to view and purchase your photo will be given to you.

Questions or concerns can be addressed by calling the Herrmann Studio: 716-632-0473

Herrmann Studio

246 Meyer Rd.  Amherst, NY 14226